Fifth Prettiest Girl

I walked along the Queen street in Toronto yesterday and kept seeing pretty girls.

I went to starbuck and when I was waiting in line. She was about the 5th pretty girl I had seen in the last 30 minutes.

So, when she was waiting for her order, I said, "Hi, you are the 5th prettiest girl I have seen today"

Her reaction was extremely great. I outdone myself. She was laughing and talking non-stop. I could hardly contain her energy.

"I wonder why there were so many pretty girls here. I was on my way to meet a friend"

"This is an entertainment district, so lots of models here"

" Oh really? I should see my friend more often"


"You work in this area too right?"

"ya, but i am in marketing, not model"

"so you use your intelligence instead"

"ya, intelligence :)"

"You should be my wing girl"

"I will! :D" and "you are so humourous"

"I am an amatuer comic here to practice"

"you are doing a great job"

She touched my forearm a few times when we talked, and according to the pick up books, it was an Indicator of Interest.

Our conversation last about 2-3 minutes, which was my original goal. I was training myself to open a set, and keep a stimuating and fun convesrsation for about 2 minutes.

The next goal is to add 2 more minutes to the conversation, along with a couple of pickup techniques such as false time constrains, compliance test, and what not.

Her lunch hour was almost up and she walked back to her workplace. I said "Hope to see you again" she said she will be around the same time everyday since she works nearby, and after she walked outside, I saw her checking herself in the mirror, which showed that she cared about what I thought about her look---insecurity. (a good sign for me though)

I will continue to work on my first 2 minutes of opener, gambit, and other pickup techniques. Eventually I will have a 15-20 minutes conversation. It has to be a solid game, so solid that the girl will give me her number without much asking, or that she will drop everything she is doing and go on an instant date with me the rest of the day.

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Whoa! I thought I was being supportive by encouraging you to be social because I thought you said at one time that you were rather shy. "Womanizer" has really negative connotations; there is a difference between attempting to meet women and attempting to charm them. And your goal of meeting 10,000 plus women. Well, that doesn't sit well with me either. How about 10? And of the 10 maybe you get to know one of them really well. I don't want to have to delete my comment. Don't make me. Be good.

Ouch! 10000+ women are 10+ women are the same. I think it's not more wrong to meet 10000 than 10. I will only attempt to charm women whom I feel attracted to, and only charm further if she is special okay? ;) And I won't lie to them. Would that be cool?

Excellent. Carry on then.
Good luck. Comb your hair, be polite and never lie. That's all women really want anyway. Haha.

I am surprised that other women would like this story of mine, which is pretty much a chronicle of the making of a womanizer! <br />
<br />
I have this hynotizing voice, according to some people. If I remember to use it, it often works well. <br />
<br />
Yes I will definitely keep on doing this. I will keep improving until I meet 10,000+ women. <br />
<br />
Hopefully I will meet the one, or one(s) if the first few "one" fails. I will take picture with them and post them on EP :D

I believe this to be a foolproof technique and here's why. Your optimism and the positive vibes that you are putting out there will attract a positive person to you. Also you are sincere. I know this without having met you because of how you say she reacted to you--kindly, because she could tell that you were not just flattering her in an empty way. I'm guessing that you have a very nice way about you, and I am proud of you for putting in the effort both to understand how to relate to people and how to break the ice in a social situation which is not always an easy thing to do. Of course, like anything, the more you do it the better at you will get. I see great things in your future. I hope you guys meet up again and it goes well.