This One Is For the Ladies

Ladies aren't we all just tired of the generic pick-up lines and tricks that guys use to win us over. How can we even feign to swoon over them when we have heard the same thing regurgitated from many mouths.

It's time we raise our standards and make them work harder for us. Here is a list of pick-up lines/ tricks guys have used trying to win over my affection.

 Feel most welcome to contribute, we are doing ourselves a great service, so we can discriminate between the Casonova's and the genuine-decent-guys (They are most elusive, but they do exist) and hopefully this will instigate men to come up with more ingenious ways to win our affections, may we witness a return to a chivalrous behaviour.

"You are the torch of my life, you show me the way"

"Close your eyes, and I have closed mine" pause "we have just slept together".

as I'm walking down the street "Machineeee, machineeeeeee"

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon"

'You have the hottest body" "you have the nicest ***" ---- most overused!!!!!!!

"I have the biggest grin on my face , it starts on my face and goes all the way to my heart as I just got off the fone with you. It was a treat for my ears for having heard such a beautiful voice, full of energy and happiness, genuineness and care, you are just wonderful".

"feelings like care, respect, liking, take matters of seconds to develop and they become deeper and deeper the more you open up. Really, in this short time you have become a very important chapter of my life, a chapter that I want to never read past, I want to bookmark this page "

"Baby, what's your favourite number" me:"3" guy "mine is 5, when we add 3+5=8, and when you turn it sideways it's the infinity sign, that means we will forever be together"

"Can I get inside of you, I never felt so close to anyone before you, what are you doing to me"

"I cant live without you. I LOVE YOU!"

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10 Responses May 22, 2007

Know how Double Your Dating says to be Cocky & Funny?<br />
<br />
How's this for reverse psychology?<br />
<br />
Strong contender?<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a>@-Glenn-Campbells-Coward-Of-The-County:-Ya-Clouda-Heard-A-Pin-Drop-When-%7CTommy-Stopped/1010962?question=new ...<br />
<br />
... & locked the door ...

Whatever happened to locked eye contact and "hi".

I still laugh at this guy I saw walk up to this girl aand say "I know're the one they kicked out of Baskin-Robbis" we all looked at him ????? he said "For melting all the ice cream" ????????? 'You're so HOT!!!<br />
<br />
I never was much for lines...I was briefly married to the woman Rod Stewart described: "...her ad-lib lines were well rehersed..." If you really don't have anything original to say, you might be better off not saying it.

Hey grams would this be offensive?<br />
<br />
"Like this face? Well get on it, its leaving in ten minutes"<br />
<br />
You also forgot<br />
You know what would look good on you?.....Me

It's mind boggling, do ya think they really think we fall for that crap, it's who's line is the least offensive, I would just like to say and why are you here if you think I'm such a mindless twit???? and some are so bad you could just throw up in your mouth... Turn OFF big time. start with crap end with crap be yourselves!

OK - so more of what not to say. AR - so the line should be that we have no line? Wasn't that used in 'Singles'???

Hey sasxiv, i'm sure it is not easy for men, espeially like you said for the nice guys, but for me, honesty goes so much further than cheesy lines. Stating that u find someone intersting and dont want to use a pick up line would probably impress many women, but I can't say for sure as i am not the guy.<br />
<br />
Here are a few that have been thrown my way;<br />
<br />
From the Gerry McGuire movie; * You complete me *<br />
<br />
*I know we are soul mates* h e l l i dont even believe in soulmates personally.<br />
<br />
* God must be sd as he has lost an angel* BARF!!<br />
<br />
after one conversation a guy actually told me *I'm obsessed with you* SORRY RED flag there.<br />
<br />
* I really want toknow you but committment scares me* am i suppose to feel bad for him?<br />
<br />
Lord the list can go on, but we all get the point. I know men get LINES too, feel free to illuminate us on what lines you guys have to put up with.

Ok - in defense (and I think I talk for most guys here) - its not easy walking up to a beautiful stranger and starting a conversation. We get nervous too (or most of us 'nice' guys do). 'Hi' is the easy part - but then what do you say after that? What do you want to hear after that? You tell us what you don't want to hear - but we're still left trying to think of something witty or thoughtful that sets us out of the crowd and gets your attention in a positive way.

ROF! girls! Where I'm from they stick to the ol' cheesy crap: Are you tired Baby? You been Running through my mind ALL NIGHT!

How about these ones<br />
Do you come here often?<br />
Where do I know you from?<br />
Whats your sign?<br />
I noticed you don't have a ring on your finger.<br />
I think you and I went to the same highschool (which by the way the guy that tried this one was at least 15 years older than me) that was flattering!