You Can Choose To Speak Your Mind, Get Mad, Be Nuteral, Or Laugh

I think we ALL have a case of the stupids from time to time. But people who are stupid period... to me it's a waiste of time trying to explain or speak some smarts to stupid person. Especially one h#llbent on being one. Second getting mad about it will only most liely effect you alone! So why do that to your self... it's not worth it. Being nuteral is something I will admit I have exercised before. As at times I am not in a haha laughing kind of good mood, or just feel it best to ignore it. But if the person has been or is being a stupid jerk... I will usually laugh my butt off at them. Just me... not right, not wrong, just me.
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2 Responses Nov 17, 2011

Well put.

I've heard that about laughter too and it used to work, but now it doesn't seem to help me very much.....