My Bottom Lip Is Red

From biting it so much in an attempt to stop myself from laughing at my mom, who is unfortunately putting me in an awkward situation by screaming, crying and flipping out in front of me, and my father. This is all because of my brother missing his non-refundable flight home from california that she bough with her bosses frequent flyer miles.. anywhoo i just feel very awkward in this situation so i am biting my lower lip to prevent from laughing at my mom as she is breaking down in front of me. man i am a horrible person. my father caught me smiling and yelled at me and so i thought id post it here (on EP) where maybe i could find someone who actually understands my point of view..well i just made this group but hopefully I'm not the only one.

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2 Responses Jan 18, 2010

hahaha sorry you story made me laugh too, oh my i always feel like a jerk when i laugh but gosh its rue sometimes you just cant controll it

I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes nervous laughter isn't too embarrassing, but sometimes it's a whole WORLD of awkward.<br />
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I was at a friend's house a few years ago, and her father started choking on his food. While his family worried over him, I, in the middle of my best behaviour, was snickering like a loon in the corner. <br />
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The worst thing about it is that the more inappropriate the situation is, the more I try to suppress it. And the more I try to suppress it, the stronger the urge gets. <br />
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It's hard being an awkward laugher!