Danger: Bring It On. Laughing "Could" Be Good Medicine.

I hope know one gets tired of all my repetitive writings concerning the current situation in my life.  It's just so heavy on my mind. 

When I 1st joined, I couldn't stop all the writings I needed to do, in the name of processing my past.  It's been the best therapy ever.  Then I hit a quiet zone, which felt good, but I was all spent concerning my history.  So I turned to my grandchildren and started showing them off along with interesting/beautiful photography I found on www.Stumble.com.

In the past 5+ months, it's been a good distraction, from the present hell I've been living in.  Instead of repeating myself, I'll just refer you to other stories and my blog.  My home has been taken over from the paranormal. From Evil.  I couldn't write about the situation because I would pay repercussions if I did.  Now that I'm at my daughters, and have asked everyone reading my blog, to pray/send positive energy my way, I'm able to write about it.  It has actually closed the door of the 1 demon who followed me.  Now I have a "trickster" bothering me more -n- more.  Its escalated beyond  things disappearing and being returned right where they belong.  This has been verified by my daughter.  And now, it's at the point of being touched after I've fallen a sleep.  Again, please send protection my way.

One of my survival tools has been to take stills and video of all the activity in my home that scared the "hell" out of me.  It helped me feel empowered.  I had already lost my mind, and using a camera just proves it.  When you look at the medium, you can see things I couldn't see at the time.  There were moments all I could do is laugh, but there's really nothing to laugh about.  Who knows, it probably made it worse.


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thanks sweetie.........

sending love your way!