I Know I'm Ugly. My Facial Features Are Out Of Proportion Lol...big Nose, Blotchy Skin, Among Other Things

I know I'm ugly:  never had a relationship, girls don't approach me, guys/girls usually walk a different direction or put their heads down when they see me or walk past me, and only friends that I can rely on or call true friends are ones that I've known since I was a kid...my own cousins don't call me or keep up to what I'm doing these days.  I'm 25, very very lonely, at the point where even if i had a chance to be decent to good looking, i could give a shiiiit.  Here's some pics:







I can't believe people can be so shallow tho lol.  Even if it is obvious that you are ugly they have to be so rude about it.  I walk in public places and people stare and look, point fingers, kids run away(not lieing).  Heck my own roomate only talks to me in the house...and i've been roomates with him for eight months.  Do ugly people even have a chance at some social interaction, or it takes like an incredibly strong-willed person that is ugly to make it...Seriously, life SUCKS when your ugly, really ugly like me.  At this point, no matter what happens, be it a positive change, I don't think anything can heal the permanent emotional scars that I have to, and have been for about 7 long agonizing years, carry for the rest of my life...even worse I'm broke...been working for about a year, paying off school loans...ugh...i got issues.  I was born in this situation, totally out of my control...

And the low-self esteem, well that comes from being ignored and brushed to the side for many many years by girls, family members, and society in general, for as long i can remember...

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Don't beat yourself up. I was expecting to see someone hideous when I checked out the pictures and I just saw a normal looking person. I think your main problem is the low self-esteem. People who hold their heads high attract more people, so start holding your head up high.