After Effect.

i remember some time when..

i was walking along the corridor of our campus. while walking i remember my mom told me that his friend of hers told her that love is like a BOOGER (WTF! how silly is that?) and that's when i burst into laugh out of the blue. and then i noticed, someone caught me, and i was like totally dumb founded :DD all i do is smile at him instead. and then after that, 2 days after i think? he ask me " why are you laughing? the other day? is it me you were laughing at?" and then i said "no! hahahaha! i just remember something. dont worry, there's nothing wrong with you. infact, you're cute." (i was trying to tease him. :D) and then he said: " teaser! hahaha"

lesson learned: if you were caught. just smile instead. and then expect the after effect. :D

mirmsmecca mirmsmecca
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010