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I read, I'm not sure if it's because I want to or because I need to..I guess both reasons are legitimate. I laugh and cry with my books. I can be a very reserved person and a lot of the time I am alone, so even when I go out walking, I'll listen to music and laugh at the lyrics as I walk, people can make some pretty odd music. Most times I don't care if anyone overhears me, but when I want to burst out laughing in front of people ...(not at them, they are simply there at the place and time where I am amused by some other thoughts) ...I really try to refrain from even smiling and it's HARD to do! If I'm feeling sad enough to cry I'll do it even at's the same with laughing, why stifle my expressing my emotions when I do that often enough? I'm not great at expressing why I feel what I feel most times. Anyway, I'm grateful to laugh, even when I'm not laughing along with people.
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1 Response Jul 17, 2010

Haha I know how you feel x] It's so hard to not burst out laughing when I'mm in the class room and read something funny. I am terrible when it comes to that, and usually end up with the whole class looking weirdly at me ^~^