Damn Autocorrect...

Sometimes I can't even stop myself...I 'Laugh Out Loud' with absolutely no regard for where I am, or who is around me....

Take this, for example....and tell me you wouldn't LOL....

So, I was at work a while ago, when I received a text from my sister. This is how it read:

Sis: So what are you doing to ugly?

Then, immediately following the first text, came this one:

Sis: Ummm, I meant 'tonight'....not 'ugly'....I don't really care what you're doing to Ugly.....haha

I burst out laughing...in the middle of our staff room....and had many people staring at me like I am crazy.....of course, I had to share that little gem....

I hate autocorrect....

Autocorrect can go straight to He'll......

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I LOUD this story :)

I despise autocorrect too AND I'm never politically correct
ADD me and let's explore...
what's interesting & a bit naughty before progressing to deliciously ;p> Wicked :)

Laughing is a natural gift and an emotional release. Enjoy, but don't feel you have to explain what you were laughing about. Let them wonder whay you know and they don't.

It could be worse.
Years ago I was in relationship with a woman who would laugh after climax. At first it was disconcerting, but she claimed that she couldn't help it and She laughed every time even when she was alone. We only dated for about 3 months.
So it could be worse

I never use auto correct. i dont want a computer telling me what I want to do. I used a computer for 30 years at work and for the last 8 years I spent most of my time staring into it making spread sheets or searching for people on the Internet or reviewing my employees work! When I retired i went out of the way to be the least connected person on the Internet!

By the way, people tell me that I am ugly, so what are you going to do to ugly? LOL, I guess that they are mainly referring to my mind - you dont want to go there! Only kiddin, Babydoll. I always go for a laugh...

That is funny it made me lol :) and I hate auto correct too. :)

LMBO!~ love this. and yes, i would LOL<br />
i did, in fact. <br />
*blushing eyeroll~

I know what you mean

Ha...ha....ha...... thanks for giggles!!!