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Funny Stories.

Everytime I read one of my younger friends stories about their day or the gestures they send to me, it just makes me happy & some of the things they write can be downright funny. I think Children are the best of all God's Creations here on Earth for they are pure in Heart & can tell the truth in a way that can be very cute & funny. Please take care.
seatbeltssavelives seatbeltssavelives 46-50, M 2 Responses Jan 12, 2013

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I am happy to see your gesture. It was bad that I did not know how to send it to you. Thanks so much for your kindness!

thanks keith! keep followin our storys and were gona make u a kid agan lol. so join the kool kids club now cause we all like u :)~

You are welcome, Ben. You, kaydee, & Tyler sure are cool, funny, & nice. Like I said before, children are the best of God's Creation & they & all of you are blessings too. This Earth would be dismal without you. Have fun & always remember to use your seat belts too. Your lives are precious. Stay safe & take care.