All play & no work... Smith died and regained consciousness in the next world. He looked out over a vast expanse of pleasant country. After resting comfortably for a while in a delightful spot, he began to get a little bored. He called out, “Is there anybody here?”

An attendant, appropriately dressed in white, appeared and said gravely, “What do you want?” “What can I have?” asked Smith gingerly. “Whatever you want,” came the reply. “May I have something to eat?” Smith requested. They brought him delicious dishes, even the things he liked best on earth. Smith was having a wonderful time eating, sleeping, and calling for more good things.

But presently, he wanted something more. He called for games. They came in profusion. Then he called for books and read with excitement and pleasure. He called for anything that struck his fancy and received it in abundant measure. But, at last, boredom caught up with him and he shouted, “I want something to do!”

The attendant appeared and said, “I am sorry, but that is the only thing we cannot give you here.” By this time, Smith was frantic for something to do, and in his terrible frustration cried out, “I’m sick and tired of everything here; I would rather go to hell!”“Where do you think you are?” asked the attendant with a smirk.
IamnotCharlieSheen IamnotCharlieSheen
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Aug 18, 2014