At My Ep Friend's Comments

You guys crack me up. Here's the owl, sitting with my lap top..giggling at YOU. Reading and feeling like we're all hanging out, telling stories and loving the friendship. You're so funny. So many times I wish I could be just up the street and we could get together.It's never dullsville   You often make my day, THANKS

wiseowl wiseowl
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5 Responses May 1, 2009

Gee, it only took us 3 years to discover this story. I'm get old and really slow. Yes, Owlie, you're so right. Sometimes, we all get to laughing our ever loving butts off over some of the posts, but the comments, some of them, are just downright hilarious. Good entertainment, for sure. And in this economy, it's all good, as it doesn't cost a dime.

Another good "oldie". Wiseowl I'm just having a good time reading some of my friend's earlier stories.<br />
I couldn't agree more.<br />
The comments are often so hilarious.

So funny when we get " in a mood"..ya never know what we may come up with.We girls seem to like giggling over food, sex and silly husbands. That usually gets a bit goofy.

hehe i often sit here chuckling to myself reading these posts... never a dull moment here. lol

You are one who makes me laugh a lot.. Peedee too. I had a dream about You and Nyxie..We were hanging out with Pres. Obama! See, it gets real with our group friends.