Heh Heh Heh...ouch.

lol...(i hate that word now)
my friend and i were skate bording. we were in my faveriote skate park. there was a big ramp i had defeated several times. my friend had never been there when i made it, so she dared me. "Pfft, i can do that easily, i do it every wednesday!!" "yeah..got it.." my friend said.
i got to the top of the ramp and skated down..when i was about half way down i saw the wheel on my skateboard was shuddering. i thought "its nothing, it just tha-SMACK! i hit the pave ment going about 30 MPH... not an underestimate. i had the whole side of my face bleeding, i didntknow. i just thouge i scraped myself and had a few scars. (scraped my self, yes..few scars? hah loosing a few gallons of blood! :I) so the owner of the skate park took me to the hospital and i got 13 stiches.(differint scars by the way...) and the best part about it all, was my crush was in the ambulance with me ;)
FalconPawnch2000 FalconPawnch2000
31-35, F
Aug 8, 2011