ok, that laugh jst sounds evil..lol..

I look for laughter or try and make others laugh. Both on EP and here.

It's way better than medications, it's free, you make new friends along the way, both parties jst end up happy.. even if it's temporary..

so LOL's, LMFAO, and ROFLMAO (wat does this stand for anyways), and BUAHA, HEEHEE, and HAHAHA'S..

21butterfly 21butterfly
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3 Responses Oct 20, 2008

Yup means you fell out of your chair.

Rolling on the floor? Now why didn't i get that? ROFLMAO... jst wanted to try it out.... buahahaa... Thanks Myonis108=)

Tears of a clown, eh? (ROFLMAO: Rolling on the Floor Laughing My *** Off) You do make us laugh. Its a gift. Thanks for sharing it!