everyday i laugh to hide the pain, weather it be physicall pain, or emotional pain, there is usually some kind of pain there, and i very rarely will show it in real life, I just laugh to hide the fact that I am hurting.

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Fact: The pain will go away. but it takes time. forgive yourself, move on. Time time time. the younger you are the longer it is. At my age it FLYS by. Best wishes.

i wish the pain would go away too <br />
<br />
i laugh nd i put a smile on just to cover the pain up , the real feelings i have inside , i have nobody to talk to about things nd if i do talk to someone i think theyll think im a frwak or something i reali wish i would stop thinking like this but i dnt know how i just wsh i could be truly happy without faking a smile everday i just want a friend that mayby feels the same or understands me <br />
will the pain ever go away ?

ii wish tha pain could justt go away!! ii have done somee bad things n mi life that im starting tue wonder if tha pain will ever go away?

Your sense of humor can be therapeutic if you can find some humor in your situation or about a problem that you are facing. <br />
<br />
I have huge 20 pound lipomas [benign fatty tumors] on my hips, and I call them my "lipoma airbags" as they have kept me from being injured when I've fallen. In other words, i have found a good side to an unsightly problem that really limits my life. <br />
<br />
And remember, none of us are perfect, so do not worry about that either! <br />
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Good luck!

I also do this. I make jokes to cover up my awkwardness and pain. There has never been a truer notion than than of the clown who is crying on the inside.

i allway want to have a friend to share. the life really isn't easy. sometime,i want to disapear out of it.

Hiding shows that you are scared. Not trying to be mean but express how you truly feel. It might be something serious that you're hiding. Don't hide the pain, it will only make it worse.

You know that saying if you dont laugh you cry and me at present its all about judging me and being made to feel out of place because of the way i live my life the way i want drugs and all the things perfect normal people hate,but if you let people see your pain its another thing for them to play along with so smile laugh but never frown or look glum or you be done.

Laughing doesn't just hide the pain, Aly, it can actually help to ease it a little. When we laugh, our brains release endorphines and other happy chemicals into our systems to help us feel better.<br />
<br />
Keep laughing, even if you don't mean it.

I understand perfectly. I find myself doing the same

I wish one day the pain wont hurt so much.