i laugh , i smile, i wear my happy face, people ask how r u? i smile n say am fine, but inside am dieing, am crieng, i cover the pain. noone really seems to see how much i hate this life n myself, i should of been n actor, am really good at playing pretend.

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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Destiney24<br />
My heart goes out to you, no one should have to feel like you do. I do not know what is causing your pain but I shall pray for you. <br />
Hope I do not upset you but you must remember you are a child of God and well he just doesn't make junk. You are special as we all are. Sometimes we just can't see the what or why of it all but know that while he has never promised us a trouble free life, he has promised to never leave us and that he would be with us to see us through our problems. I pray you shall feel God's peace in your heart

destiney24 better begin to be kind to yourself or is your message part of your act.

to be honest its like ur feeling everything im feeling <br />
like were twins <br />
because i feel the same way and i just dont know if i can hide the pain forever <br />
i think people know theres something wrong there just scared to ask incase they say something or i dnt know to be honest why people dont ask mayby its a good thing i dont know <br />
do you ever have to stop putting the smile on ?<br />
will there be a time were there will be no smile to put on ?