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Only Two Shoulders

Yeah, I joke about him, but it really hurts. He left me not 3 weeks ago after finding out he'd gotten me pregnant. I'll get over him, but right now it hurts.. Bad. And I'm gonna cover it with a laugh, and pretend everything is okay, 'cause there is shoulder to cry on, anyway.

Ringwraith Ringwraith 22-25, F 2 Responses Mar 18, 2010

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Thanks! :D

awe...your like me! uh getting real fukkin sick....ill ttyl. But i really want everything to go well for you :) you get the biggest present! Its true. I wish i were brave like you! But im not so its fine...anyways, i have my reasons but if i ever did get pregnant, even by rape, i would never abort...what a nightmare aborting would be! A spiralling glad you chose life...all i know is its the right thing to do.