..Flip Flops Are Thongs!

So funny listening to people saying they wear thongs!




You call them Flip/Flops!


What a funny name!

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Flip Flops.....What a funny name!

Weird and wonderful indeed. While living in Indonesia I came home to notice a pair of unidentified footwear at the entrance to the house. I walked into the loungeroom where my housemates - Brits, Canadians, Americans - were all sitting around. I asked them who was over and they said "No one. Why?" <br />
I said "There's a pair of pink thongs in the garage"<br />
There were some *very* confused looks before one of the Brits burst out laughing and explained it to the others.

It certainly does give you a Visual! Huh? Ha Ha<br />
<br />
Slightly smashed?? <br />
<br />
More like slightly raw and seperated!!! ROTLMAO!!!!<br />
<br />
I think I'll join you for that cig *inhales deeply*

If I knew of one person puting a thong on backwards, well, I'd pee my pants laughing! It paints a picture in my brain..well you know I like a chuckle.. Ok everyone imagine Winter slightly smashed and adjusting her goofed up thong!! Sorry but ROTFLMAO..too cute. I need a cig to stop laughing.


Ha Ha Owlie! You crack me up!!! <br />
<br />
I Love flip-flops!! I also wear thongs! I don't know why they're named what they are, all I can say is, don't ever get drunk and put your thong on Backwards!! Ha ha<br />
<br />
Just walking takes on a new experience!! *eyes widen*<br />
<br />
<br />
FYI--putting your flip-flops on backwards will feel just as surprising!

THANKS FOLKS.....I needed a laugh!

I don't want anything between my toes or THE other place! LOL

It is a weird , wonderful world isn't it!

We always called flip flops thongs, till the underwear came out. When that happened..well, more people said flip flops. I still can't figure how the underwear got the shoe name! Both flip flops and thongs are something you have to get use to..I dunno..feels weird to me :>}


Good morning, Real Woman!

G-strings don't always go on instruments :)

acoguy............G strings!

lol okay. I love wearing thongs...both flip flops and the undies. =p

I did a double take the first time my grandmother said something about wearing her thongs.