Peed On My Own Leg

So embarrassing! I was at a party recently, and had lots and lots of beer. I had to pee SO bad. But I was talking to this real cute guy and didn't want to leave. So I held it in. I was squirming in my seat and crossing my legs but I don't think he noticed. Then he said something real funny, and when I started to laugh I lost control. I was wearing a fairly short skirt, and the pee went down my legs right away. At first nobody noticed, but it didn't take long to become REAL obvious. Fortunately, the girl who lived there gave me a dry skirt to wear home. I haven't heard from the guy since.
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Pretty much agree with most of the comments, that would have turned me on

what a fool he is! I would have followed you home to help clean you up ;)

Lol. He must of been a scardy cat

I used to be in danger of doing that if someone tickled me.

Haha I'd tickle you all the time then! ;)

stupid guy
i really would enjoy it if a girl im talking to is wetting herself

I'd would of sat u on my lap

LOL His loss..It happens to lots of women especially if they had a lot to drink, and even some guys.. You say you got a dry skirt to wear home..So you just stayed in your wet panties???

Aweee poor girl that must have been embaressing do you pee urself often? And what panties were you wearing I'd love to chat msg me if interested ttys :-)

Wow... that happed to me at a meeting table at work... but no dry skirts...

What a stupid guy! You would be my girlfriend now ;-)

If I were that guy, you definitely would have heard from me, and quickly. A girl who could laugh so hard at one of my jokes that she peed on herself? I would find that endearing.
This guy is a fool.

i love this story i would have offered u clean clothes aswell after i ****** u senseless cos this is a massive turn on

can you keep secrets

If i were that guy you would have heard back from me.

How are you doing today and cute story, send me a message some time