A Lot To Take In!

I have considered my self bi since I was a teenager I am 26 now and finally coming out and realizing I am most likely lesbian! Looking back its like I always knew deep in the back of my mind but I wasn't willing to be leave it. I met this girl in the same week I lost my job that I loved due to some bs drama queen that's a voulintear where I worked. I was sad and depressed then I met her my Susan! We just clicked right off and have so much in common! We decided to get our palms read the other day and got a physic reading and teroa cards read. I know to take it with as the future is not set in stone and use what the physic tells as a guide and give ya hope. I was told I would get my job back next week! It was no great paying job I worked as a kennel tech at a no kill animal shelter. Also once the physic had talked to us both she told us were soul mates! We haven't even shared our first kiss yet! I want it to be just right so I can never forget it. after only seeing Susan a week I have a physic asking if were living together and telling me were soul mates. I have discovered I feel more me than I ever have and that I have never been able to let my guard down and let my depression show its self. What I mean by this is I randomly get sad and just want to cry over little things like a tv show movie bad though. I can let those tears out around her and she gets it. Its crazy just 3 weeks ago I was debating with am I bi or lesbian and the more I look back and think about it all it doesn't matter to anyone but me I know. I just wish I didn't shy away from dating girls for as long as I did. lets hope my physic was right I miss my job a lot!
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Lucky girl! :)