I Cant Be Me!

I finally came out as bi a while back right before Christmas. I was seeing another girl and it was just time shortly after my mother flips out and called me homo queer gay and a bunch of other just nasty things that hurt me. The girl I was with we weren't agreeing on a few things at the time and mom was showing she couldn't handle seeing me with a girl I quit trying to have a relationship. So today mom out of no where text me stop posting gay **** on facebook. I haven't posted anything I like things alot but haven't posted anything to offend her. I have a few lesbian and gay groups on my page and when I see things in news feed I like I hit like. My mom wants me to stop I am 26 I don't live with her I am grown! Shes like its embarrassing and your sons going to get beat up because your idk what you are to even tell people. My sons only 4 hes not going to get beat up. IDK what to do about her and shes making it seem like it offends other family menders to I cant just kick my whole family off my facebook. But I don't want to stop liking stuff I like. Why of all people cant my mom accept me for who I am and not try to be a controlling *****! My mom is a retired 1st grade teacher! Shes a great example my teachers shouldn't be mothers!
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26-30, F
Jan 20, 2013