One Of My Many Days!

I told a special friend yesterday I was going to share this story so guess now is as good a time as any. My life, is so full and so interesting. I never have time to get bored. When people say they are bored, I have to wonder why.

My day yesterday started out with a text from a Friend (?). He seemed very happy and I commented on it. His response? I am horny! Well so sorry. I had dated him a couple times, could see where his mind was leading him and it was not the direction I cared to go. So that was the end of that. Or so I thought. Every so often I get a text in that line and send him on his way again. Well this time he says how beautiful I am, oh barf, and he just thought we would be good together. No thanks, we are not on the same path.

Next on to the hospital to get blood work so I can see a nutritionist for my diabetes. Here's a joke waiting to happen. They pull up my file and tell me I am scheduled for a pulmonary function test. I do have COPD, but the doctor did not tell me about this test being scheduled. So here is the first call to them. And yes he does want it. So while we are scheduling for that I ask about blood work needed for a reclast infusion. They don't know what I am talking about. It should have already been called in. So now for the next call to the doctor. Hum, they sent it already. Well It is not here. Okay let's try again. Still does not show up. Third call to the doctors office. ( I am sure they are beginning to hate me by now).  What fax umber are you using, still not here, I really don't want to be poked more than once. So they send it again. Finally, it gets here. So back to draw blood. Then they have me go out front to set up appointments for the reclast and the pulmonary test. No order for reclast, should have been sent with the blood work. Okay, lets set it up anyway, I will go by the doctor and get the order. Fine but what about all the blood work for the PFT? Huh, that doesn't need blood work! Well, it has been ordered. Okay, call number four to doctor. Well they have no clue about the blood work. Hum, well forget that, if they don't know I am not being poked again. Either call and have it included in what has been done or forget needing it. Appointments made.

Next stop. Diabetic clinic. Okay, another disaster. Apparently I am not getting enough carbs. Huh, okay, but they need me to lose weight, eat more, and get my sugars down. So total diet plan change here. Leave there, not confused, but knowing I am about to spend money I do not have but need to do. Also the inhalers and nebulizers are raising my sugar level, so either I eat or breathe~ no brainer there!

next stop. Doctors office. Ha! Another laugh. They cannot send fax, not the right number, I gave the right one to them and okay maybe in the next few days. Nope, not good enough, the appointment is set for Tuesday, it needs to be there.. Okay, we will see.

Next stop, grocery store. Oh my, here we go again. Hunted all over to find the foods I needed and did finally. Got to the check out, Bathroom straight in front of me. Now when it is time to go, believe me it is time to go. But no way can I use it. They are cleaning it. Well can they leave for just a few minutes, I really need to go there, manager called, no way, it will throw off his schedule, go next door to subway! You must be joking? right? no, so next stop, Subway, but bathroom there unavailable also. Man in residence. Okay, now it is really getting bad.. So off to the car I go, unload groceries into car and take off for apothecary which is next stop anyway. . Make it there, running inside, thank goodness theirs is available or I would have been very wet. Give them order for cream to be made for hormone adjustment. Guess what, They are closing for an hour, take these papers and come back later. Go to the car, fill out the papers and wait. He looks at them tells me I am on too many meds, of course he is right but no he cannot take me off them. So will have to go see him again soon.

Next, two phone calls. One to another doctor who is supposed to call in a cream that helps the RSD in my hand, ha, not called in yet, has been a week. Call number two, am supposed to see another doctor for evaluation for spine stimulator to help with pain from RSD, hum, order not called yet either!

Well this girl had enough! Time to go home and crash. Which I did. Wonderful evening here with friends, you guys make my day. Truly!

Today was another story again, but think I will let it go. Thank you God for taking care of me.

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5 Responses Mar 4, 2010

I do wonder if I am forgetting something, have left something undone. I would love to have more days like this, when it is quiet and peaceful. I talk with God daily. And today, being so quiet, we have had a good time together. Makes for a wonderful day!

At least you KNOW who is taking care of YOU!!! I see why YOU do NOT get bored! When you do NOT have days like this, do you ever wonder what you forgot to do, or what you did wrong? Continue taking care of YOU and THANKING GOD along the way!!! TAKE CARE!!!

Oh, patience is something I actually have. Good thing, but it has taken years to aquire it. I am grateful I do have it. It was a usual day for me, but hey, makes life interesting.

I shook my head through this whole thing. What a run around. You wonder how these people actually function. But am amazed at your patience. Hope for better days.

Nope, I sure don't. And interestingly enough, most of my days are filled like this. This one was just a little more aggravating than most. But I got through it and have been just as busy every since.