Sometimes I look in a mirror and question myself.
I find myself more disgusted by my actions.
If not today then tomorrow I gabble my future.
Crying out to the unknown but it's only demons that hear me calling.
With all these loss what else is there to gain?
I wrote to myself something to fall back to if my life is on the line.
Bound to my actions, my speech only reinsures a future in the void.
With the unknown I know there's something.
And if Im wrong, I'll die known for nothing.
If you could help me, I would be blessed.
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2 Responses Apr 4, 2016

Look in the mirror again. Then look for that good girl that is still inside that body that you stare at. She is still in there. You just need to figure out how to let her rule your life.

Being soft is not a bad thing. But being gullible is. Love is more than just emotion, it has to have a bit of intelligence.

This is where us guys and girls do not get along.

Intelligence and emotion. A fusion of reality. A fusion to which a woman takes one view, more on the emotion side, and the man takes the intelligent side. What makes sense is reality. Reality is where logic meets emotion. The earlier we learn this the better we are.

Dear Leahlovee: Please listen to me.
Your poetry sucks,
so leave it to the ducks
then it won't bother me:)))

I'm a poet and don't know it. But my feet show it. They're LONGFELLOWS:)))