Listen And Obey

don drink and drive,of course i wont wat do you think i am stupid?

don text while driving,wat do you mean?am smart i can multi task. am really good at it too!

so i don drink and drive but i text and drive all ay long,it gets worse when i here the beep!!! that's a text from my friend,that 's a chat from or may be an email from that application i sent last nite.i need to check before i drive soo far away from the ininioffice. or my friend calling to have me pick up her baby from the day care she told me he wasn't feelin soo well and am day off may be she needs me.anyway there is always reason to check and see the wat the beep was all abt

but l learnt my lesson last thursday when i  saw the message check  as sent and looking up i was staring right at a tree and way offthe i don have a car.i meant to but a bed but i have to put that money down and get me a ride.

i have learnt mine pls don drink and driv e and don text  while driving, am lucky am a live!

namabinti namabinti
26-30, F
Feb 15, 2010