Air, Water, Fire And Earth

My feet left the ground ...
Opening the wings to the highest flight
I went to places full of magic
Time of incredible moments
Sometimes carried by strong winds
Suddenly, I was in deep waters
Diving into a sea of ​​uncertainties
Proving salt of illusions
Reappearing in tides of inspirations
And in a flash, when I found myself ...
There I was in the midst of flames
In a fire that was burning to the skin
Tattooing in the soul, all passions
Through the instinct and realities
I was back to a dry land
My feet bare stayed
Absorbing the strength from the ground
Creating roots taken to the heart
Seeding memories in the mind
I learn from my past...
Absolutely, no doubts
Everything was worth it
I grew strong in the air
I purified the water
I was exorcized on fire
I learned with my feet on the earth
...and I live the present
as much as possible,
without wasting my time.

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2 Responses Jun 11, 2012

You have such an incredible way of turning experiences, feelings and emotions into words.

Need to read this later more in depth... Too busy now... But sounds good!