I took four years of French in high school and by the end I could read and write it pretty well, and speak it okay. But now, four years later, I can barely get past "Bonjour". I regret not keeping up with it.
the4thfury the4thfury
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1 Response Jul 21, 2007

Yeah, I know what you mean. Same happened to my German. Now I am struggling every time I speak. The good thing is most Germans speak English so that makes my life tad easier (that is called a lazy approach). I guess it does not apply to French people. Not that I know anything about it, I just heard they are a very nationalistic nation so they expect you to talk French while being in France (which is a good thing I suppose). I agree, it is very easy to forget when you are not using the language! It is so not riding-a-bike knowledge!