French 2.

I also learned French, from fifth year in Elementary School up until the second last year of high school. And now I can barely speak a word of it, let alone impersonate a 200lb Frenchman.

I also studied Japanese for a while, but we spent most of our time learning to write Japanese and very little time on the language. I can still ask where you are going, and where you have been, and if it is time to eat, although I will not understand your answers.

Useful, huh?
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If you don't use it, ya lose it!

Yes, you have to keep it up or it goes. Even people who spoke another language all the time as small children forget it if they don't use it as they grow up. I was a real star in French at school, it faded afterwards, then we moved to Canada and it became something familiar again. The only trouble is, in Canada they speak a weird dialect of French, which makes it harder to understand.

That makes you quite talented, most people can only count to 10 in another language!

I UNDERSTAND! :) I'm limited to counting to 12 in German, the alphabet in sign language, and Pig Latin! =O