What Not To Do

I learned a lot from my old man. I learned that alcohol ruins not only your life, but your family's. I learned that hitting someone doesn't make you more of a man. I learned that it is in no way acceptable to ever hit your child. I learned that you buy yourself a ticket to hell when you hurt the woman who loves you. I learned how easy it is to **** up. Thanks Dad. I've made a lot of the same mistakes you did, but I'm cleaning up my life now. And I will be the Dad you never were.
mattandnetta mattandnetta
22-25, M
2 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Sorry to hear that. Dad's duty is to teach showing the right path, not the other way around. But if it served you to become a good parent I guess your pain worth it.

Good thing you don't want to be like him.