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He'd give you the shirt off his back; the cold doesn't phase him.  He stands so quiet and unshakeable despite how much he has seen.  In the living room, he drawls simple truths to me over a movie running in the background.  He likes to stay at home.  He's a hard worker, and so incredibly smart.  His intelligence combined with his superb timing has allowed him to make the most of every opportunity.  He makes me so very proud.

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you've managed to do this, that's the most important^_^

weeeell, my dad was known as the "angry man" by all my friends for a loooong time. it took us a while to come to some kind of understanding.

Awww you must have a wonderful father.<br />
<br />
I wish my dad was also like that, but I have to love him despite his imperfection;p