Thank You, Daddy.

My Dad has always been teaching me, he shares all the interesting things he learns with me and I often look to him for advice and opinions. He has taught me, and more importantly he has taught me to always seek more knowledge. He instilled in me the neverending thirst for knowledge, my love for books. He taught me to analyze the information I take in, to take things with a grain of salt, to know the difference between intelligence and wisdom. He taught me to think for myself, and to examine the things I think to be true before I accept them as fact. He encourages me to ask why. He gave me books, he read to me, and he never censored anything, never held anything back. All knowledge is worth having. He speaks to me always as an equal, even when I was a child. He never told me that I was too young to understand anything, and for all this I am eternally grateful. I love my dad so much. He gives me something to aspire to. He gave me the best foundation I could possibly have; I hope to someday pass down the same wisdom and teachings to my own children. He drilled me to learn from his mistakes. Live within your means; don't fall into the credit trap. Put away money, because someday you will need it. So many other things. He taught me everything he knows, and still does, and I hope he will continue to do so for a very long time.

gloomysunday gloomysunday
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2010