My Father Is A Very Smart Man

My father is a very smart man. Yet at times I seem to hate him more than anything in this world.

He is a very talented individual, handsome (probably where my looks came from), and very social...while in China.

Twenty years after coming to the US with my mom and with nothing but a suitcase, we now live in a $500,000 home.

He is a very smart individual but the language is the thing that's holding him back in America. He has a very heavy accent but can understand, speak, write, and read English...which is very impressive since he learned it all by himself.

He is not ashamed of anything he does, although most people would be. He believes if it's not against the law or he's not breaking a rule then he can do it. Although at times this is embarssing to me, I wish I had to ability to think like that.

Sometimes he does bother me though. He's a very narrow minded man and pretty much believes he's right. Although 90% of the time he is right, it's hard to compromise with him because he believes he's right.

I feel bad because he is always unhappy and unsatisfied because he has not accomplished what he wants in life although he is very smart.

TheAsianSensation TheAsianSensation
18-21, M
Feb 16, 2010