You Never Know Everyone's Story...

A driver who cuts you off on the highway. A cashier who crushes your eggs with an 8 lb. watermelon. The arrogant jerk who acts like he thinks he’s better than everybody else – or is just plain smarter. 

When I experience people like this my first instinct is often to think, say, or shout (if I’m in the car) something like, “moron!” OK, I admit, I’m keeping it clean. Sometimes I say far worse – quite emphatically!

But then I remember a very important message I was given:

“There’s always another side to understand. You may not necessarily agree with it. But know that side is there. Try to understand it, instead of judging.”

With such busy lives, not to mention coping with constant exhaustion, it’s sometimes easier to look at something (or someone) on a one-dimensional level.

A couple of years ago I noticed a guy I kind of knew walking around work looking extremely depressed. At first I didn’t look past his depression. But then one day I asked him if he was OK. It turned out he was in the middle of a divorce, and he was being granted very little time with his kids. He wasn’t just “some depressed guy,” he was tormented by the loss of his children.

Maybe the driver who cuts us off is rushing to the hospital. Or maybe they’re “venting” with aggressive driving because of stress over money, work, health issues or a failing relationship. It doesn’t make their driving acceptable, but it makes it comprehensible.

The arrogant jerk who acts like he thinks he’s better than everybody else may really feel totally insecure, inadequate or downright horrible about himself. So he/she compensates with arrogance.

These people might just be idiots – there’s that possibility. But I think it’s unlikely that anybody’s story begins or ends so simply.

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You are very welcome Breezeann :)

Thanks lizmelvin! You are very welcome :)

Rarely do we take the time PTMAN...something to be said for that. In our busy lives what really matters the most..its the people we care for and ones we encounter along the way...

i'm just glad i a;ways have my windows rolled up snow. :)<br />
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a very good view of how other [eo[le deal with their emotions, and your right we just don't take the time to see it from their side.