We Are All Beginners.

If you are trying to forgive; even if you manage forgiving in fits and starts, if you forgive today, hate again tomorrow, and have to forgive again the day after, you are a forgiver. Most of us are amateurs, bungling duffers sometimes. So what? In this game nobody is an expert.  We are all beginners.                                         ~Lewis Smede~

You might remember this song: "What The World Needs Now, Is Love, Sweet Love.  - It's the only thing that there's just too little of."    Right?   Well, I happen to have made another observation.  And that has to do with forgiveness. What the world needs today is to learn to forgive others who have wronged them.

Lewis Smede said, "As a rule, we forgive people who belong to us in some way - spouses, children, parents, close friends. But sometimes we need to forgive strangers who bind themselves to us with a rope woven of brutality.

But brutal people are not always strangers. In fact, many brutal people assault those they belong to.There are also brutalities that never blacken an eye or break a bone. We are brutal whenever we reduce a person to less than human excellence.  It may be a violent rape. It may be a degrading insult. Brutality, no matter who commits it, confronts us with one of the most agonizing crises of forgiveness.

So much, then, for the sorts of personal, unfair, and deep hurts that lead us into the first stage of forgiving.  Minor hurts that would ordinarily not call for forgiving can become major offenses by sheer repetition.

How do you know when forgettable misdemeanors become insufferable felonies that need forgiveness?  You can tell for sure only when you are on the scene. You cannot draw lines for others; you need to feel the difference for yourself.  Some people turn all misdemeanors into felonies whenever they are hurt by them.  Other people make themselves passive targets, inviting almost anybody to take a crack at them. But there is a difference, and one of the signs of growing up is the insight you need to tell the differences in the painful pinch of a moment when you are the victim. 

Are some people unforgivable?

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Feb 20, 2009