I Learned About Sex On A Boat

At 11 years old I was growing up on an island an was into sailing and water activities in a big way, had a 14ft. lighting class and my friends and I spent a lot of time on the water. On day my friend, 11 year old boy, invited me to spend the weekend on their 42 ft. motorsailer, along with his mom and dad and 12 year old sister. my sex education was very limited and had not *********** nor had any wet dreams that came a year later. I did get erections and played with it. anyway we were aboard and sailing and my freind gave me the tour, owners stateroom, galley and saloon, head, shower, no curtain, bunk beds in the V berth.where all the children would sleep. showed me the head and said, only use this for number 2, dad has to flush, go in the water for number 1 or if sailing stand on the railing and face away from the wind, which I knew, so a few hours of sailing and drinking colas, dad beer, dad announces pee time and contest. we all stand on the rail and remove penis and start to pee, the females watch and comment who was winning, dad won hands down, this all new to me as bathroom time was always private at my home. next the females went on the swim platform and down went the swim suites and we watched by could see very little, point is they were open and did not think anything about doing this function in front of others. came to a cove wher we would spend the night and off we went swimming in our trunks playing horsing around. at dusk, told to come aboard and shower and get ready for dinner. due to limited fresh water the 3 males went in together water was turned on soap, then water again, my height was about eye level with the dads penis, which was sort of at half mast, got out of the shower and the mom and sis were standing nude, handing us towels and getting ready for thier shower. we went to the V berth, dad to his stateroom. we dried off and put on shorts and t, I dont know why I said it, but out came, boy your dad is big down there. my friend say he uses it to poke his mom. oh, where does he poke her? you dont know he says, no, feeling dumb, ok I will show you, just then sis comes in already dressed, and he says, he does not know where men poke women, show him sis, so she takes down her shorts and spreads her legs and puts finger in, wow, I say, thats were you pee, sorta of she says. He pushs his pee wee in and out and then shoots, they both feel real good. oh, what does he shoot? his seeds to make babies, she saids take down your shorts and I will show you, down they go she takes hold and I become stiff. she points out my hole and says out of here it comes just like your pee. you are too young to do it now, maybe in a year or 2. back home I find out more in the books mom and dad keep hidden. sex education, slow learner here
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man are kidding? that was one of the coolest families in the whole universe, <br />
<br />
i know the type, they all live very happy as a small unit, sometimes separated from all the other relatives, free from the social brainwashing and the standards and all the mainstream media and all, just free in the world, <br />
<br />
the parents were so liberal and not perberted about the nature of human body and that belief so well passed onto their kids, <br />
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i really laughed at how the little girl described so nicely and without a touch of obscurity the subjects of sex, reproduction and eyaculation, seriously, im sure they are very happy people as a unit as an individual, i wish i knew more people like them

good for you having fun and learning is the best of all worlds you certainly were ahead of me in the knowledge dept. at an earlier age, hope it continues forever

Very interesting. I learned about sex at the age of eight. Not in the best circumstances. Then I started experimenting with kids my age. It was fun, even though we didn't really know what we were doing. At the age of ten, a friend and I even had sex with our friends, in the same room at the same time. Looking back, it was a lot of fun. We just did what we had seen the adults do:)

yes it was innocence, you never think, at least at that age of mother and dad doing it but of course they did and hard to hide the noise of look on theri faces, wow, thats really stepping up the education level by watching in the barn. good for you to find an older man to provide the needed instruction I did start to have wet dreams a year later, sticky stuff on wake up and mom saying just part of growing up, ha ha , anyway a few months after wet dreams learned about ************ from a friend, male, in his treehouse,

thanks for your comments, I would love to hear your story abut first time getting felt up. Lucky trip and learning experience for me but was the same response growing up as your mom, when I first started getting erections, my mom would say :" dont touch it and it will go away", when she was expecting my brother and I asked the usual question she came back with it has too do with your dad's seed and my eggs, which made no sense to me at all. my first wet dream at 12 scared me, thought something was wrong waking up with sticky fluid around, told it was just part of growing up and it will happen now and then get up and have breakfast,

Lucky you... I was 11 when I had my first period, and mom didn't say a damn thing exept the bare minimum, even then. It is just something girls have to deal with, honey. she would say. I didn't really understand anything until I was 13 then some gf's clued me in, sort of, not really too accurate, and then when I was 14 when I got felt up for the first time.

good for you and your mother wish I had been so lucky, After this I started reading and asking questions of other boys and girls and got the infomation needed. did not start having wet dreams till I was 12. the family was from England and I guess they have views that differ from ours. thanks for your comments, it was interesting when it happened and interesting for me to remember and write about it.

Learning sex at such a young age is always delightful for we are so innocent and do not understand the concept of what we will one day enjoy