Of Trust And Love

Recently my husband had to part ways in business with two of the most scandalous people I have yet to encounter. When I first met one of these so called allies, Juan Carlos (my husband) asked what I thought of him. I had to be honest, this person filled me with a deep intuitive feeling of mistrust, I had even dreamt of an unpleasant situation involving this man before we'd met. As a long time lucid dreamer I felt this information was valid and useful. Still, my husband assumed I would come around eventually and he jumped right into a business agreement with open arms and little paperwork. I was not surprised at all when six months later the two in question had to be kicked to the curb as they had stolen, lied and otherwise manipulated the situation. My poor man was shocked and disappointed, and this had not been the first instance where he'd lent his trust to those who did not deserve it. He is a kind and honest person, and he always expects the best in people.
This is my perspective on trust, it has served me well thus far. Trust is not like love which can be given freely in any situation, trust must be earned. You can love thy enemy but you should not trust him. To confide trust in someone who has not earned it does you both a disservice. You, for not valuing yourself enough to protect against harm, wether intended or accidental. Them, for not being given the opportunity to prove their worthiness, for it is a great privilege and a joyful experience to earn someone's trust. So I asked my husband to continue to love people with an open heart, but to recognize the difference between trust and love.
Megmelodia Megmelodia
26-30, F
May 22, 2012