I Learned An Important Lesson

Sir is back from his trip. I was so happy to see him, even though I knew he was going to punish me. When he got back, he asked me as always if I had been good. I cannot lie to him. I did that once and got punished. I won't do that again. I had to confess that I had not been good. I had gotten in trouble at work and he had punished me for that once before. I remembered that punishment vividly and was not anxious to repeat it. But unintentionally it happened again. He arrived and I was so happy to see him and he I that he just held me for the longest time. Then it was down to businese. He told me that he didn't like punishing me but that he had to or else I would lose respect for him. Because I belong to him, I am a reflection of him. Therefore he wants me to be the best that I can be. I understand this now. I behaved badly and I deserved to be punished. So like a good little sub, I submitted to my punishment. I didn't get that many licks but the ones I got definitely left an impression and they hurt really bad. I wanted to cry. But what hurt even more than the spanking was the fact that I had made him do this. I undressed and lay across his lap as instructed. He gave me a warm up first. Then the punishment started. I squirmed as he spanked me very hard with his hand. At one point I tensed my my cheek muscles and he expressed his disapproval. I took the rest of my spanking with unclenched cheeks crying out as his hand came down on the backs of my thighs. I will be feeling this for a while I know. Once he finished with me over his knee, I was instructed to bend over the side of the couch for the strap. He had rolled the dice and rolled a two. I am not sure if it was luck or if it was intentional because he had already spanked me hard. I bent over the arm of the couch and readied myself for the strokes. Even though there were only two I had to count them. Once it was over he held me and comforted me. I apologized for my actions and all was forgiven. He still loved me. The rest of our time together was wonderful. He thoroughly enjoyed my breasts and all they had to offer. I submitted to him as he played. Then I danced for him. I could tell he really likes it when I dance. I like to dance for him. I like to please him. It is all I want more than anything. As I knelt down in front of him clothed only in my pretty pink thong that I had bought especially for him, I took his **** and he instructed me as to what he wanted. I pleasured him. It pleased me to hear the sounds of ecstacy he made.

The important lesson that I learned tonight is what it means to be a sub and to belong to someone. What it means to trust someone so completely to totally submit to him, mind body and soul. To take my punishment and learn how to allow to let go and enjoy the moment. I thank him for loving me enough to punish me when I am bad and reward me when I am good. I will remember this lesson even when the physical reminders my sore red bottom displays is gone. Thank you Sir for your kindness and caring.

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I am so lucky and honored to be yours Sir. It pleases me that you approve. This seems so natural to me it is almost easy.

My girl, you have come so far in such a short time. I truly believe we were destine to be together. I like your explanation of our D/s relationship. True, each one is different, ours is exactly as it is meant to be for us. I look forward to showing you so much more and allowing you to become that much more My submissive.<br />
Love Rickford

That it is Taken. I am lucky to have found the perfect one that melds with my needs and desires.

True, it is hard to explain a D/s relationship. There is alot of fantasy play but there is also a sense of belonging. Simply stated, though, most would agree that D/s consists of a consensual relationship that is based around a power exchange between two people. One person is the controlling one, known as the Dominant; the other person is the controlled one, and is known as the submissive. The submissive gives a certain amount of 'power' to the Dominant over their lives. This can be as simple as the Dominant telling them what to wear each day, or can be as complex as them having to ask the Dominant for permission to even leave the room. The important thing to note here is that we are talking about consensual relationships. The rights of the submissive are not taken from them, they are given freely during a period of negotiation. It is really all about the Power Exchange. Arguably, the 'pinnacle' of D/s relationships is a Total Power Exchange relationship, where the submissive gives up all control to the Dominant. Total means just that. The Dominant controls every aspect of their lives from what they wear or eat, to where they go and who they see. This is not always the case. The amount of control that the Dominant has all depends on how much control the submissive is willing to relinquish. As far as believeing it is someone else's job to punish me, that's not what it is about at all. It is a feeling of love and security. The Dominant loves his sub enough to want them to be the best they can be and also because they are a reflection of the Dom according to how much control the sub has given the Dom. Some like total and complete control. I do not! I still keep some control. The punishment is meant to better my life in areas that I do not have the strenght or will power to reach my goal. Sometimes a little incentive is just what the doctor ordered. I hope you understand. I tried to explain it the best way I know how.

I have to ask and in no way am i judging. This relationship, is it based on fantasy play about masters and servant, or do you truly believe that it is up to some one else to punish you?

Yes he is on here. He reads all of my stories and posts. He just revealed himself on my other story "I am his"

Do you share EP with your guy?