Accidental Astral Projection

I began astral projecting a few months ago. I actually did not even know what astral projection was when it happened, so you can imagine I was really freaked out. It started with a tingling sensation, all up my entire body, and a weird stiffness. Next thing I knew I was floating and could see everything around me even though my eyes were closed. I kept floating up and up, barely being able to control where I was going until suddenly I got pulled back down. My body was completely hard and unmovable, and I could see my room as if my eyes were open (only to later discover they were tightly closed), I was aware of everything and yet I could not move for a good minute. It wasn't until the third time this happened that I looked it up and discovered that I astral projected on accident and then went into a strong sleep paralysis afterwards. I shared this experience in much, much more detail on other sites, and got it confirmed that I was in fact experiencing astral projection and that sleep paralysis is a pretty normal thing to experience afterwards but it something to try to avoid (and I can see why, it's really really scary!). 

Although it only happens accidently, I've astral projected many times. Each time is very fun, and I'm starting to get better at it. The thing is, my sleep paralysis hasn't gotten any better and I'm starting to think there is something (spirits?) trying to contact me because of some of the experiences I've been having both in projection and in paralysis. 

So I would like to ask if anyone could please help me to try and stop the sleep paralysis and maybe learn to actually astral project willingly instead of by accident all the time. It would really help me out :)
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1 Response Aug 2, 2010

There are specialist in this field that have authored books about this subject. My first Astral projection was also by accident. I just wish I would have known then what I know now. There was very little information available and it actually frightened me to go to sleep it would happen so frequently. Now that I am comfortable with it and enjoy it very much when it happens, it happens much less than I would like. I believe it is a gift, although I read that all humans do it. I commend you for your bravery and suggest you learn all you can about it. Knowledge is power. Google Robert Bruce. There is a great deal of information on his website. You are very blessed to have this experience and live in an era of information that will allow you to develop this wonderful gift.