I just astral travelled for the first time in a while. As I was dosing off felt the usual feelings of sleep paralysis I was a bit awkward separating from my body but managed in the end. I then floated through my wall and into next doors bedroom and then was zooming through the houses, I wanted to gain some control but must have gone further than I thought. I stopped at one point and I was in a baby's room with a night light on. There was a mirror and I looked in it and I was a very hazy form of myself. I told myself go out of the window and did. I was then on my old street where I used to live, hence zooming a bit further than I thought! it was dark as expected and the street lights were on. I told my self to go to my friends house, which I keep trying to do but failing, I started picking up speed and could feel the wind and the clouds rushing against my face.... But then unfortunately woke up as my husband was going to the bathroom dang!

Does anyone else feel a bit 'clumsy' when astral travelling? Also what's the longest period of time you're able to travel for? I sometimes feel I'm a bit clumsy because I'm a bit panicky because I get too excited ☺️
beanabus beanabus
31-35, F
Aug 18, 2014