Financial Disguise

The purveyors of wealth like to suppress the information and rights of would be investors; their ignorance is violated in the name of profitability. There are many like minded leeches in the world that use their power to enrich themselves and their friends, gaining billions of dollars through their control of individual, group or charities and their acceptance of kickbacks from Banks “untouchable rulers” contradicts the code of conduct of investment principles. The collapse of Financial institution, Banks, Loan and mortgage companies, insurance brokers are all along made popular with media blitz and savvy marketing tools will in the end be a discontentment provoked by widespread loses and will forced the resignation and subsequently the collapse of the drivers of this sort of trade, this financial daylight corruption is very fatal to the world of finance that has no regulatory body safeguarding the investor from the greedy and greasy leeches
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Sep 26, 2012