I Loved It!

Many years ago I joined a group called The Seven Arrows Fencing Club. What great fun! Two of the leaders were a Wiccan Priest and Priestess. One guy there was also into western quick-draw competitions. A very interesting and fun group.

I was never very good with a Sabre, fair with a Foil, but LOVED the Epee'. Mine had a custom Russian grip that fit just right. Since the Epee' is heavier and a full body target weapon my size, strength, and reach were an obvious advantage. Different rules than the Foil also. More like a street fight than a display of finesse.

I haven't fenced for years but I still have my Foil, mask, vest, and glove. Who knows? Maybe again someday. Step back into being a dueling Viscount!

I haven't fen

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Now, if you want it in your hands....


Hey. Wouldn't you like a masked man coming at you with his weapon at the ready? It would be fun.

if i got a weapon like that in my hands, i could be dangerous!

I'd be happy to give you a lesson. Thrust. Parry. Riposte!<br />
<br />
Ah......Touche' baby!

maybe my mind is in the gutter but i don't think you're talking about fencing anymore lol

Yes. There's nothing like taking your long thick firm weapon, thrusting, and using tip control put it exactly where you want it!

I love fencing. I wish there was a local place I could go to, but they are all an hour away. Good Luck finding one.

i was just thinking that every good viscount should know how to fence.