George Soros A Wicked Satanist?

Someone summoned me into their dream to protect them from getting killed by a psychotic Satanist they labeled George Soros. The Satanist didn't even look like George Soros, having lighter hair and couldn't have been past his 50s. He used his network of Satanic followers to act as watch Dogs while he went into their woman's house with the intent of killing her as a ritual sacrifice. She was sheep scared and upon hearing her cries I went inside and prevented him from making any more progress with the kill. We called law enforcement and they had no sympathy for the guy either but while they were in transit and not yet present the guy still tried to go after her again to kill her even though he clearly had been caught red handed. She screamed just the same and I, with another person present with me came to her aide to help her again. We didn't have hand cuffs and weren't expecting such a psychotic person. Any ways the dream didn't last too much past that. I decided to talk to George to ask if these allegations were true and in his own voice he said "I don't know what they're talking about". The voice of the Satanist wasn't even similar to George's voice. Once I took the position that she doesn't have the right facts and is believing in something that doesn't fit the part I heard a voice (that was probably hers) say "I'm sorry".

The point of this experience is two fold. Sometimes people have bad facts and begin to believe in stuff that's not even true. My mind overlaps that person's mind and the dream plays itself out for the edification of the viewers. I get to see how I can help that person and if they experience the dream (and that may be at a later time than when I experienced it or they might not be conscious of it) they get to experience closure after their mind releases its old perceptions. Some fear **** person probably influenced this person into the state she was in.

People need to draw a distinction: Evil psychotic people can't hide their evil countenance very well on camera. They usually don't have anything but selfishness in their voice, and George doesn't seem to be as evil as a lot of people think he is. He may be a far leftist but he's not a psychotic killer. Study tested and proven evil people that have been interviewed and compare them against the person you believe is so evil. George doesn't have much violence (if any) in the rhythm he speaks with and I can't see any in his countenance either so start there. Buy a book on body language if you really want to take it to the extreme, but I wouldn't go that far. You can't tell the actions someone does in private but it's not hard to see when someone isn't the demon someone is making him to be.

I don't write about a lot of my dreams because I know when a dream doesn't have much substance to it. I largely focus on my dreams where I interact on a social level with someone I don't know to learn something about that person.

Just to give this person (whoever she is) more closure I'll likely ask George some more questions at a later time.
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lol. yea. unstable people get beat the heck up by fear ****. this is probably what happened to her. Thanks for the comment because it encouraged me to edit this article a bit.

Dear God! I had no idea that George could rule the world by invading dreams!!