Lord I Tried Why Do I Miss The Red Flags

Hi I have asked my boyfriend to  move out we lived together before and were engaged to be married he had issues and I did not get married well that was February of this year June of this  year moved back in things were ok but I wrote a letter letting him know what I expected well I saw that he was lazy took a lot to get him going he aint that great at helping around the apartment he has cleaned some he will wash dishes but that is more no then yes mind you I have a dishwasher and he has a nasty side to him I wont say what room of the apartment but he will wash his clothes those are the red flags I am talking about I have a 17 year old teenager who is handicapped not wheel chair bound or anything Brittany was born with trismony 21 Downe's Syndrome she needs assistance with her activities of daily living I dont always pick up behind him.

Ok during the summer I wil say yes I did cook more to where I said something has to give out of 7 days a week maybe 3 or 4 Brittany did not go to summer school it had been 4 years since the last time she did go well these last few weeks he takes a lof of medcations one for sleeping he says not strong enough I dont told him tell the doctor get something stronger well he starts going to bed when I do or coming later then up he comes watching tv sometimes cooking and he listens to things louder then me well last week Brittany gets up she has to go to school I got her back in bed other week he brought up that morning I was not in a good mood and yes I did slam a few doors and was talking I have a small cyst
on my ovary and my stomach hurts Saturday before last in the emergency room  2 hours I was constipated and I had an infection I could not get the medicine for my infection its hard for me to keep I can take aleve or motrin around the house money and at times he takes them.

He brought up after getting my daughter on the bus you got to stop slamming doors talking you are distrubing the neighbors oh please I talk because I have to be firm with Brittany sometimes she is slow ok then morning he had shoulder surgery we got mad I come back in he says did I have a problem with him  no you know how I am of mornings he has not stopped once since he had surgery cannot lift his arm of days he goes with his counselor like 3 times a week work he has looked but last few weeks that went out the window and when he does temp agencies which are not hiring right now some people not him I cannot work only source of income my daughter and his I get food stamps very little we need food right now we clash he goes goes and I stay at home he just got the car the first of the month the man let a 19 year old wreck his other car he is into drugs again I told him he move out we will still go together he did not wont to go the first time and he dont now sorry this is twice this year and you are sleeping crazy then yesterday had a small argument food we got canned food no meats a pack of hotdogs he goes Monday he gets I think a expense check he is in a support group well he had been talking about food over the weekend he comes home had been to family dollar with washing powders toilet paper in other words no food where is the food all he could get I got mad.

I know he is smoking I let him take me last week to sign up for a Xmas basket I wish I had stayed home he is high we are in line and he starts talking about me asking him to leave to this white lady I was like oh no well I sat with her he would not stay with me for anything they called me he meets me in the hall going upstairs then he has to go to the bathroom I get called I should of not mentioned him he wont be living here well he did not have his SSI letter she let me go so I would of not had to come back bless her heart.

What I know from this him moving out me and my daughter will be better off and we are not made to live together go together not that
why is he asking so soon can he spend weekends he is moving into a rooming house not far from here he aint packed or looked through things because I told him he needs to get everything I have enough stres with life my daugher and I need to do what is best for us I dont need to be cleaning up when I do because I am neat another grown person either I tried again and wanted to marry him but look what I would of got into and being pulling my hair trying to get out of someone told me he needs a woman like him I say that to because if you are a homebody no and if you cant put up with in and out no he is quite laid back and easy going real friendly but he will shock you when you find out how he really is I know this is long but it helps to talk when he moves out I probably i feel be back on telling how things are thanks peaches 2



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Oct 27, 2010