Now Ear This!

I was born in the U.S. but moved immediately to Scotland where, for 3 years, I learned the English language through the filter of a Scottish accent.  At 3, I moved to Amsterdam, promptly forgot most of my English, and spoke Dutch almost exclusively.  At 6 I moved back to the U.S., had to forget Dutch, and relearn English, as Americans spoke it.  These dramatic cultural and linguistic changes forced me to develop a very acute ear.  At 10 my choirmaster was convinced I could sight-read music because I sang note-perfect after hearing a piece once.  Soon thereafter I learned that I could make people laugh by imitating voices.  I became so adept at it, and had so many voices in my repertoire, that I actually used to do impressions of people doing impressions of other people - for example - Frank Sinatra doing an impression of Bob Dylan - or - Joni Mitchell doing an impression of Moms Mabley.  One of the fun things about my background is that no one can tell from listening to me where I'm from.  I don't do impressions anymore, it's like a parlor trick that's not interesting anymore.  But I did have a ball with them. 
ElLagarto ElLagarto
56-60, M
Jul 7, 2007