Loser 27 Year Old No Girlfriend Ever.

I am a 27 year old guy who has never had a girlfriend .Never kissed a girl and obviously havent had sex with any girl. I am a biological failure, and my life is a waste. I am not single because i have never tried but because i am not physically attractive, as i have been told many times. I am short being 5 7, and my face isn't nice either.
I write this not to get any sympathy or motivation. I feel my existence is a burden to this planet, my family and nature, since i am not needed in this society for propagation. Why am i alive ? Can i kill myself somehow to stop this sadness that i feel ?
I am a disappointment to my mother and sister. I know how happy a mother feels when her son has a girlfriend, i have seen my friend's mother's happiness, they seem soo proud that their sons have a girl. My mother has asked me sometimes over the years weather i have a girlfriend and always my answer has been in the negative, i know she expects me to have a girlfriend but being a mother does not realize what a ugly piece of **** her son is. I know i am a disappointment to my mother and i want to die and donate my organs. but other times i think of living because i fear who will take care of her when she gets older, so i pause. All my friends have always had girlfriends, they ask me where is mine? some have tried to ask their girlfriends to set me up with someone, but nothing happens, always rejection.
It is okay that girls don't like me because they do not find me attractive, but my question is what the **** am i alive then? or why the **** do i want a girlfriend when i can't have one? what is the point of me living when i am not needed?
I have tried dating sites and my messages are nice and interesting to start conversations on, but not one date, lol. It takes many different dates to find one girlfriend for normal guys and i don't have even one date. I do not blame the girls for not finding me attractive but i am frustrated with this failure, i sometimes cry, i hate crying, and i hate those who do. but my predicament is such that i can not change it, i can't be taller or more attractive, i cant change myself physically. If it were money that i wanted to earn i would have bled to work for it but attraction does not work that way, isn't it?
I am not a geek and i have always been the guy who has fun and always been happy with anything.I have been a fighter all my life never bent down for anyone and never hurt anyone, if i like something or want something i go for it, am not the guy who sissies out ever.
I have been in street fights, and have done many things which would be considered risky by normal people. I am saying this about myself to establish that i am not the nice guy type so don't give me the nice guy bullshit.
I know i am ugly, or at least unattractive because i have been told so by many girls, and i can see it in their eyes because their behavior is different with me and with other attractive guys or sort of guys who are better looking than me.
A girl had told me when i told her about having a crush on some girl in my class and her reply was "nothing will ever happen, so forget it?". Another girl commented "do you ever think any girl would ever want to be with this guy".
In India we can do an arranged marriage, but i do not want this. Because no girls who have a choice in choosing her husband would choose me, and those who do not have a choice and would normally dislike me will be put to marriage with me, and i do not want to commit such a crime with any girl, it would be like a rape, like hell for her, wouldn't it?
People just give me some kind of a solution, may be suicide, tell me some way i could end all this unhappiness and this distress,Some quick way to die

I do not smile anymore i do not laugh anymore all i do is watch comedy shows and try to laugh like an idiot hoping to feel some happiness through comedy. I never thought of having a girlfriend desperately, but when i realized that i do not have one because i just do not have the aptitude or maybe the capability to have one it just distresses me more.I live clean and i am clean i dress well and show that i am happy to everyone but on the inside i just cant seem to get this thought from my mind, i have hobbies and interests but that is just a way for me to not think about the reality,pursuing a hobby in no way changes my situation.

Additional Details
* this question is not for attention, what kind of attention could i possibly gather from this question,
pity? you feel i am looking for some girl to pity me and date me, sorry that is no way to start a relationship.
*i wrote all this not to be corrected or be argued upon my information, what i write here is definite and true to my observations.
*and as for people who tell me to find ugly girls, on the dating site i have been rejected by them too, i also feel to go for a girl because she is ugly is wrong, to go for a girl because she may have low standards is wrong, anyone who goes for a girl thinking she is ugly and easy is not correct, where is the respect here? going for someone whom you feel is lower is disrespecting them, what kind of a relationship would that be?
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i don't have girl friend and i'm 24. not good looking and have some defects. i admit i'm ugly and so i think no body will love me.

Being in a relationship is not an end all and be all of things. You need to channel your energies in other things, women can smell desperation and they won't like it. Make friends find the doors opening. You don't want A girlfriend you want a girl who appreciates you. Look, once there was this guy he was short and hairy arab. He was very nice and sweet but was friend zoned all the time. No one wanted to commit to him and he had money and he was very together. He married this amazing beautiful girl who could appreciate him for what he was. Ugly guys if you really are ugly that is debatable do get girls , much easier than women do.

Um very true. About the desperation. Not just for women but for anyone. Besides one day you( wasted life)and me will both be ugly old people. With nothing but out personalities to love about each other. U told me to read your profile. I did. But I want to hear your experiences about life. What you've been through besides a broken heart. The mistakes you've made etc etc...

Hey now, don't be that way. Plenty of hideous men have had wives and families and I can't imagine you're that bad looking. Looks only go so far. Though, I've known many ugly men to appear more handsome because of their attitude. That's true for the other way around as well. If everyone you ask out is rejecting you like that, then they're *******. There has to be something else, even if you're a great guy. I'd recommend making some good female friends and moving on from there. Relationships tend to develop better when they begin as a friendship. Maybe try taking a cooking class for singles, or something like that? Pick an interest and go from there. Just be yourself, no front of happiness, just you. Even if you don't get a girlfriend, maybe you'll make some new friends and have a good time.

PS: sorry for reviving an old post

Also, don't go spouting the whole "I'm not making children, so I'm a burden" bit. A life's worth isn't determined by how many lives it brings into the world. You existing and forming connections with other people is enough to make your life worth something. Whether or not you have a family is the least of your concerns as far as it making you worth less, or whatever. Though, I understand it must be lonely. Loneliness isn't equal to worthlessness though. Try not to focus so much on getting a girl, ok? I swear, girls smell desperation and it makes them mean O_O (mostly kidding, but kinda true). Best if luck to you, my friend.

I have to ask what your standards are? Are they too high?

Give it a break please? I cannot believe those low life people? Where did you meet them? Under a rock by the garbage? I wish I could see what u look like! As long as you don't look like the elephant man... I have a hard time feeling sorry for you!

Hey loserwasteoflife; you're cutting yourself a lot of slack! You said not showing your pix is all you have left.. Really!? And your name isn't belittling enough? You cannot be as ugly as you say you are! You are not the elephant man! Great men in history have been your height or shorter so don't give me that! Also, have you really sat down & thought this stuff through ? Do you know what a masochist is? If you really don't enjoy all the negative you've put upon yourself... Then cut it out! That is of course, IF DO enjoy your pity fest ! I am not trying to sound mean as much as I am trying to reach your higher self! I know you're in there somewhere! Can u slap this guy for me? & take over? I really see your good side even if you don't!!!!

Yeah? Then why do girls call me ugly ?The why do they tell me i will never have a girlfriend? I a great guy i do a lot of outdoor activities i have lots of hobbies My personality is amazing but it does not matter Who cares whats inside the book only the cover matters.Who enjoys being sad like the way i am? If i could i would get out of this sadness every day i start new and by the end of it i am back where i started. I know my good side but who cares?

Hating yourself is what makes you unattractive to girls not your looks, believe me!

really? I am sure underneath my laughter and constant fun that I have girls can see everything, they are mind readers right?

You can try to cover it up with laughter all you want, it'll always show.

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Listen... What is this pity fest you have going for yourself? Feeling better? When you decide to have a different attitude about yourself is when things will change for you ! If you don't like yourself & care so much about others opinions of you... Then you are truly lost VOLUNTARILY .There is someone out there! And how dare you talk about yourself that way?! You have your limbs! You live in the USA!, you are intelligent! I wish I could slap you! You are loved! Get over yourself! Display a pix if you dare?

I know this looks like a pity fest, i am depressed because this is all that i have been thinking about the past year, I never cared about what others thought about me but it does not seem to matter what i think, Yes i know that my problems are not as big as a lot of people here have faced or gone through.I can not display my picture because my anonymity is the only respect i have.

I am so sorry you feel this way. :( no one is a "waste." Your time will come, it just takes some people a bit longer before they get all the good in life. I hope things get better soon.

i am not waiting for my time to come, i do not want to wait or be hopeful for some stupid person(girl) to come and love me, i do not care anymore i just wrote all this as a rant and it made me feel better to get all of this out of my system,
anyways thank you for your time.