I Learned So Much....

I just recently, Like this past week, broke up with my 1st Love. We were together, for almost two years, we have lived with each other, for over a year. There was so many good things, but there was so many bad things as well. He taught me so much, made me realize, some things that I liked about myself, and things that I truly hated about myself. He taught me so much. He was the 1st man I trusted. In the past I had been hurt by men growing up, and he was my 1st for so many things, and now that it is over, I am grieving. I learned that, sometimes in Life, as much as you want to be Loved, staying in a relationship, because you don't want to be alone, is the WORST thing you can do, not only for yourself, but for the ones effected by it. I am still learning a Lot of things from my 1st Love, now that its over, and I'm sure, going through this break-up, I will learn a Lot more things about myself, and about what I truly want out of my life.
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3 Responses Jun 29, 2010

First loves are HARD- there are some ppl who think they are in love, and some who really are- if your one of the ( Lucky) ones who are.. then this is going to hurt . but as you seem to already be realizzing it is all a learning expereince.

hugs aly... hope you can get through this... it is always painful no matter what... i'm here for you.

It is hurtful to learn from the break-up, Aly, yet through this as you said u learn a lot more about yourself, and i am sure you'll also learn that u are strong enough to go through anything in your life.. <br />
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