My first love and I used to get together for long, extended makeout sessions. I am amazed now that we could literally French kiss for four hours at a stretch. And not have it go any further than that. Kids today seem like they go down on each other after a peck on the cheek.

The thing is, we made out so much we barely spoke. There was no email. No cell phones. We'd write letters, but I don't think that is really the same as speaking in the moment.

After nine months she broke up with me. She didn't know me and I didn't know her. It got to where making out all the time wasn't enough for her anymore. And while I could have gone on the same way for years and years, she had matured.

It slowly dawned on me that I needed to open up more about myself to my partners and be more interested in what they had to say. I had to realize that I was sharing myself with an actual person with real feelings — not just a pair of lips and a (rather talented) tongue.
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Really liked your storie. Thanks for sharing.

Kissing, damn it! I'm 30 and this effin 20 year old I'm messing with is the best damn kisser I've ever kissed and I wouldn't mind being young again and just having to kiss someone all day!

So you have to like someone's personality first, make sure that you do, then move to kissing and such. That is how true, long-lasting love comes from..

Nice that you came to the realization that some people like to talk and get to know one another such as feelings .... lets take the time to get to know one another like what was your favorite toy when you were little or what is your favorite color, what programs do you like watch, what are your dreams and interests and how many siblings do you have , what relationship do you have with your family. Something that is worth while or sentimental and means something. To get to know each other first is priceless I personally think the reason why we jump into sex is the passion and the hot. We need to cool it down and take the time to know one another and lets see where it goes from there. Bella


I like your story. Me and my first boyfriend were the same way with the never ending makeouts. We talked a lot too. Now, we're married :)

You are absolutly right on that. The tongue is attached to some real feelings!

A sweet story - some go through life never learning that lesson. Thanks for sharing.

The same thing happened to me with my first boyfriend! He wanted to make out all the time, but we ended up not really getting to learn about each other. I ended up breaking it off with him because he wasn't who I thought he was. Its sad when that happens, but it is really cool that you learned something from it!

that is a nice story. It sounds like you still have fond memories of her and learned something along the way.

What a nice story.

I went the opposite route more or less and now my feelings are just hurt and I feel damaged. Wish I had more memories like yours

How do you know if your a "sucky" kisser?

Just wondering: Do you think anyone would get on here and admit they were a sucky kisser?