I Learned...

I learned just how yummy boys are. And I learned that there are some times that saying "no" doesn't really work out so well. And that just because you love someone doens't mean that they won't hurt you to get what they want.
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8 Responses Oct 13, 2006

the main thing i learned from my first and only love was that i was capable of love. I went through various short term hook ups that only consisted of sex and ignorant actions, and believed that I wasn't able to experience or find love at all. When i found my first love i quit trying to mount everything that moved and only saw her and it goes without saying we are still together and its how I've been living ever since. she changed my life for the better and for always :)

It's weird how I found this right after my first heartbreak. Read my blog to find out more about it. This helped a lot, too! Thanks!

i agree with you...love is awesome, powerful, full of pleasure, but love also hurts, makes u cry, makes u feel depressed, alone and miserable for everytime u say NO... u feel sick of such love, u wanna leave, quit, but you just cant, bcz its like leaving ur heart...can one live without his/her heart?? nope

I was completely honest and I didn't get anything so I think I'm going to revert to what you're saying

Nobody likes a Naysayer...lolollollol. jk hope its goin well for u.

truth. no is sometimes not enough, and people can/do hurt others if they want something. the point that i would argue is the "love" part. for various reasons, i wont say im an expert on this, but isnt love supposed to be a mutual desire and respect for the person? and arent they supposed to protect you from harm, not cause it to satisfy their desires? he and you may think that its love, but from my prospective its something else entirely. of course, i could be very, very wrong

Maybe this says something: as a boy, I concentrated on the first sentence. Love hearing that boys are yummy.<br />
Not so good that they can stuff you around.<br />
Hope you've learned how to manage them...

I couldn't agree with you more. But somehow you can keep on loving them even as they are hurting you. It should be easy to just say ok obviously he is being a jerk and hurting me all the time why should I love him? But it takes a long time for the feelings to go away...