My "wasted Time" Made Me Better Than Ever Before!!

My first boyfriend, Nick, was my high school sweetheart. We dated for a year and a half, and, for the longest time I was sure he was my one-and-only, my soulmate, my lifetime partner. After 6 months of dating, Nick left for a 4 year stint in the Army. We did the long-distance thing, and it worked alright. At first the distance made us stronger, but soon his insecurities began to make him vicious and controlling, not allowing me to hang out with those I wanted or take time away from the late hours when he liked to call. It became miserable, and we eventually broke up. I was heart-broken, realizing that the fellow I thought would be my future husband was gone from me forever. I felt low and lonely, thinking I would never find someone else. Then, I realized my relationship with Nick taught me a great deal! I knew afterward that I should never settle for a guy who was soo insecure that he wouldn't let me do the things I want to do (And at 19, I should be able to!!). I also learned to stop being so naive; relationships come and go..they're not fairytales!
After Nick, I rebounded with a guy named Josh. We dated for a month, but things soon ended, as we had almost nothing in common. Instead of being myself, I tried to act like he would like me to act. I participated in activities that would please him, not me. After my break-up with Josh, I was bitter, thinking I had wasted a lot of valuable time in a pointless relationship. I don't feel that way anymore, though, because now I know better. Now I know that I need to be true to myself and that self-confidence is extremely attractive in a person! I can be who I want to be and be happy! Instead of fussing over being in a relationship, I now know that I can spend time for me, and I'm the happiest I've ever been!
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for me the first love was the best i have ever had.<br />
even if the laove was different them may others and how we shaered it with each other it was<br />
still love<br />
i leaened excpetance fromher mother and grand parents they excepth me even withthe baggage that came along<br />
it tarted nearthe end of 8 th grade and we were with eacth other till the end of high shool whenher mother married another person that made a lot f promises to all of us<br />
her mother taught me how to love her and how to make love to her how to care for her after we made love<br />
today miss her so much it is not even funny he/she was killed on 1/14/1967 when a tunnel he was clearing blew up you see he was transgender and really a girl he was bor a girl with exteranl parts the docotr removed the part then tried to make him a boy and blew that too so he opertedagain and remove all female organs<br />
<br />
we both took drugs that made our bodys abotu 5 years of our age after a blow up at my hose returning from a weekend with then i ran away from home and a few days later i wasliving withthen for the rest of the time we evenmworked with each other after schooshe was book keeper and i ws assitanc manger of a gas station