Very Important Lesson

My first love definitely taught me to trust someone's actions more than their words.  What someone says can sound good and promising, but if they are doing the opposite of what they say, then that's the part of them that is really speaking to you.  My mom always told me that a great predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  So from now on if a guy tells me that he's going to change, I tell him to show me because your actions speak so loud that I can't hear what you say.
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So true..So true <br />
We call those people used car sell's men or women.<br />
The package may look good, it may run well the first couple of times around the block and you may have bought into the warrenty they offered but eventually that patch job they did on engine just wears right out! Guess what the warrenty you purchased is not worth the toilet paper you wipe your butt with.<br />
Just an anology...

Thanks for are so right!

i agree with you nothing is more better than them showing that they are changing plus word are words they come and go and promises are promises they end up been broken so that is what i say to do more talk less....:P