Stuck Staring :3

Everything was perfect and everything was just meant to be that way. It never last, just stay for a while temporarily.

What I learned most about my past was... " Sometimes you love someone enough to just let him go." :( So painful but reality really hurts!
I wasn't really a type of shy or anything. I do flirt, get along with someone and just easy. But I never love anyone until I met him and all of a sudden his gone... I thought I was only trippin, but years gone by I realized the fact that his still running on my mind and I miss him more each day... It was killing me deep inside... I never let him know how much he mean to me... but I hope he would feel it... I wish I could be anything he wanted! If I could only bring back the time... I know I've been trap out... and I still love him... but I can say now I'll be happy to see him happy because I love him.. my CM
ReignEx ReignEx
22-25, F
Apr 17, 2012